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Pregnant Hilary Duff Was Basically Fired for Being Pregnant

Photograph of Hilary Duff with her baby-daddy, Mike Comrie, on August 10

The hell? On the heels of her happy announcement last week, Hilary Duff has officially been dropped from her next movie, as TMZ reports, because she’s pregnant.

Duff was slated to play Bonnie Parker in the upcoming Bonnie and Clyde bio-pic, but evidently, producers (or whoever) can’t picture the notorious criminal as having a happy, healthy glow and a great rack (and, okay, maybe a paunch, too).

But what’s the big deal? If you ever watched Ghost Whisperer, you’ll remember that the camera found new, ridiculously fascinating ways to hide Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s hips each week. Why are you so scared of a pregnant lady, filmmakers? Get creative!

As TMZ dutifully points out, people have been sued for less—Hollywood isn’t the “real world,” no, but generally speaking, you can’t fire a lady from a job for being pregnant—and if Hilary Duff really wanted to start some beef, there’s a legal precedent that would probably win her a ton of money.

Wow, I sound kind of mad! I’m not actually that mad, you guys. And anyway, Duff is reportedly totally cool with leaving the production, so there’s also that. Come on, Duff! Where’s the passion, the spark? Suffer for your art! SUE! SUE!