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Mayor-for-a-Day Names Street After Justin Bieber

A photograph of Caroline Gonzalez, posing on Justin Bieber Way

Image via ONTD

Ever wonder why presidential candidates have to be at least 35 years old? Here’s why.

Eleven-year-old Caroline Gonzalez of Forney, Texas won the title of “mayor-for-a-day”; she used her newfound municipal clout to rename Main Street in honor of Justin Bieber.

“The tween politician’s act won’t cost the community much,” the HuffPo reports. “Officials say the sign was made for about $20 and would only be displayed Tuesday.” Boo! Hiss! Here’s how I figure it: if a town is going to hold a contest to crown a Child Mayor, commit to it! Go all the way! Let the new name stick!

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  • As a journalist, I would have thought Fox 4 would have thought better before using/accepting/shooting this image. To me it looks like the city manager / public works director is grabbing Caroline’s rear-end! A simple – Dude hold the ladder at her knees!” All this while Forney Police Chief Ivan A. Vatch looks on in the background.