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Even Though LeAnn Rimes Probably Can’t Lift a 10lb. Bag of Potatoes, She’s “Lifting Lives”

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See these photos? They’re the most recent ones of LeAnn Rimes, in which she performs for the “Lifting Lives” benefit held at a bar in Chicago. Crystal Bowersox was also there, and the concert was held to “[improve] lives through the power of music.”

Just so you know, the event’s Facebook page attracted 16 attending, 4 maybe attending, and 13 not attending. Did anyone actually go to this thing?

Anyway, LeAnn still looks all sharp and pointy and like something that might give you tetanus if you happened to step on it while seeking junkyard treasures (what?), but she’s looking a teeny, tiny bit better than she has in recent weeks – but maybe that’s because she’s not flaunting her bones muscles in skimpy bikinis for the world to see.

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  • why are you so obssessed with her?
    shes anorexic so what ? a lot of hollywood pleople, are at least pick one whose pretty

  • why is it ok to make fun of her because she’s skinny? i dont see anyone making fun of fat people without a major backlash…

    • People are not making fun of LR because she is skinny. They are making fun of her because the fairytale that she depicts on twitter and via People magazine don’t match up with what we are seeing. If her life with Eddie Cibrian is as blissful as she claims, why then does she look like like hell?