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Did Pia Toscano Get a Nose Job?

photo of pia toscano pictures photos

I mean, it’s not as if the majority if you probably care (I know I particularly do not), but it’s always fun calling someone out on plastic surgery, especially if it wasn’t really all that necessary to begin with.

Oh. By the way, Pia was that girl from American Idol who may or may not still be dating Dancing With the Stars‘ Mark Ballas, just in case you happened to be wondering.

Anyway, the above is a photo of Pia doing something for her new single, probably, which I also, equally, do not care about, and the photo below, here, is a photo of Pia looking kind of … well, a little different.

photo of pia toscano after nose job pictures photos

So, what is it – nosejob or no?

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  • Looks like her nose was contoured with makeup (LOTS of it), that’s all. Post photos with more similar angles so we can make a better comparison…

  • You people have no life maybe its natural beuty shes pretty either way stop hating on her because shes a great singer. You know all these time u spend commenting on celebs and how they make their desitions you could have done something with your life!!

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