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Tom Hanks Refunds Moviegoers’ ‘Larry Crowne’ Tickets

Photograph of Tom Hanks on July 9

Did anyone see Larry Crowne? I know I didn’t. It isn’t that I don’t love Tom Hanks—because, oh my God, do I looo-oooove Tom Hanks—but I have been pretty suspicious of his filmmaking decisions ever since Castaway. I’d read some lukewarm reviews for Larry Crowne, and I determined it wasn’t for me.

So not everyone loved Larry Crowne. No big deal, right? But apparently, Tom Hanks really takes it to heart.

From the Guardian:

The National Enquirer reports that Hanks was filling up his car at a petrol station in the wealthy Los Angeles district of Pacific Palisades when he was approached by a couple who had just seen him in Crowne, which Hanks also wrote and directed. When Hanks asked if they had enjoyed it, the man replied that it wasn’t that good, while his partner politely explained that they had come to expect more from their favorite actor.

Hanks is then reported to have apologized and offered to refund their ticket money. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out $25, which the couple eventually accepted.

Aww! Poor Tom Hanks! I want to give him a hug.

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