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‘View’ Co-hosts Sherri Shepherd and Joy Behar Got Married (Not to Each Other)

A photo of Sherri Shepherd at the Apollo on June 13

So Sherri Shepherd finally married her fiancé, Lamar Sally. Hurrah! The the View host has been looking merry (and marriage-skinny) on The Newlywed Game—a show I watch religiously, by the way, thank you—in anticipation of her upcoming wedding.

Plus, Sherri has been discussing her engagement for like a jillion years. So, okay, she’s finally married, thank God, and phew. I am really, really excited to never hear about Sherri Shepherd’s engagement ever again.

But here’s the thing: despite Sherri’s huge, ongoing wedding to-do, fellow loudmouth View co-host Joy Behar decided to suddenly marry her boyfriend—sorry, her boyfriend of 29 years—on the very same weekend as Sherri’s wedding.

And I’m a little irritated for Sherri, because this basically fists propriety. It’s like, really, Joy? After 29 years, you couldn’t wait a whole month to marry your boyfriend? You had to pick Sherri Shepherd’s big weekend? Yeah, maybe I’m oversensitive, but unless your wedding was totally Sherri’s idea, this was a dick move, Behar.

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  • I don’t know who neither of these people are, living in Europe and all, but marrying your boyfriend of 29 years on the same weekend as your co-worker who announced her engagement before is rather rude, yes, I agree.