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Howie Mandel Has An Office at Vivid Entertainment

Howie Mandel in a tight little polo shirt

Eeeewwwwww! Howie Mandel is reportedly subletting an office in the Vivid Entertainment building!

Vivid is the most prodigious porn production company in the world—they make all those porn parodies you hate to love.

Meanwhile, Mandel is so notoriously germaphobic he can’t even shake hands with contestants on Deal or No Deal, so this is some seriously twisted OCD immersion therapy, man. I bet under ultraviolet light, Vivid’s offices look like a Pollock painting. How will Mandel even function?

Still, TMZ reports that Mandel’s office space has been, uh, sterilized:

Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch tells us he’s very excited to hang with his new office neighbor—and personally gave Howie a tour of the building last month.

Hirsch tells us his team is more than happy to do “whatever it takes” to make Howie feel comfortable at the XXX compound… adding, “We even painted the walls and replaced the carpet.”

Eww, eww, ewwwwww. I really feel for Howie Mandel. One summer in college, I rented a room in a frat house (illegally), just so I wouldn’t have to move off-campus. Except for that stack of Maxim I read in the toilet stall, I tried not to touch anything. Shudder.

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  • I can’t imagine how he’d feel comfortable there. If you look closely, you can see that he still wears gloves on his show when he has to shake hands. My brother-in-law defended Mandel’s home during a big brush fire. He said the guy was nice as can be, but he kept his distance even from the firemen. Considering that Mandel still shaves his head to protect him from head germs, Vivid’s office just seems sooo icky.

    • They do casting in the offices, at least! (Also, when I worked for a giant corporation, it wasn’t like we didn’t record our podcasts and videos in the office. It’s like, we already have this huge building: you think we’re gonna rent a warehouse and go set up in there?)