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3Courtney Love’s Looking Really Great These Days

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And if the photos weren’t enough to convince you that she’s doing just great these days, here’s an eyewitness account of what friggery Courtney‘s been up to in the land down under while vacationing and shopping for clothes. From INF:

Courtney was seen drinking wine and perusing the wares. But out on the street she was seen stumbling around and looking very intoxicated. In fact, she was nearly run over by a car. She started to cross the street when the light was red and was pulled back by a fan. When Love’s fans told her she had to wait for the light to change, Courtney replied “Stop telling me what to do, I can do what I want.”

SERIOUSLY. Stop telling Courtney Love what to do! If she wants to walk out in front of a large, fast-moving hunk of bent and painted metal, so be it. Gosh. Far be it from me to stop an independent woman like Courtney from doing her thing.

Image courtesy of INF Daily

August 3, 2011 at 11:30 am by Sarah
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3 Responses to “Courtney Love’s Looking Really Great These Days”

  1. zelda fitzgerald says:

    really? she’s here? do you know what shop she was at? cos i really like that pink cardy and the skirt

  2. zelda fitzgerald says:

    on further reflection, that looks like alannah hill – figjam!

  3. evilbeetdouche says:

    The drunker you shop the smoker you get.

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