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Sam Ronson Gets a DUI, is Officially Just as Big a Loser as Lindsay Lohan

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I know there’s, like, different degrees of loserness, and Sam‘s got a lot of friggery to get ahead of Lindsay in this category, but she eeks a little bit closer and closer every day!

I’m not one to celebrate another’s misfortune (not that, you know, DUIs are a mere “misfortune”; it’s not as if she woke from a sleepless dream to say “Oops! OMG! I’m drunk and I’m driving! My bad!”) but being that I like(d) Lindsay a whole lot more than I like(d) Sam during their relationship, I am positively reveling in this news. Sam, though she seemed to try to help Lindsay on the path to sobriety during points in their relationship, always appeared very judgmental and holier-than-thou. “I’m Sam Ronson – look at my heroin arms and cancer patient haircut. I am one painfully sober bitch and I’m letting you know that I just barely tolerate you.” You know?

Also, Sam didn’t just get a DUI – she got a RECKLESS DUI. The reason she was pulled over to begin with was because she was speeding. It all went down somewhere outside of Las Vegas, where she’d been playing a show the previous night. She was pulled over at 10:30 the following morning with a BAC of .08.

Way to go, Sam. Hypocriticism looks super on you, girl.

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      • I love how “it’s early” is touted as a legit excuse. Can’t wait for Obama to use that one on you — “said the wrong thing about debt issue? oops, sorry it’s still early for me”.

        Seriously, misspelled / nonexistent words are underlined for a reason. More ‘conscious’ writing, please.

  • A .08? So she got a DUI for being AT the legal limit? Had she drank one more water before having got in her car, she would have been below the limit. This could have happened to any responsible drinker, unless the .08 was a typo.
    Oh, and way to be insensitive with “cancer patient haircut” line. My mother just cropped her hair that short because it’s about to all start falling out. I know you probably thought it was funny and clever, but cancer patients aren’t a great demographic for ridicule.

  • Wow, you really hate her don’t you sarah? That was a bit much. Lol.
    Can’t say anything but that drinking and driving is profoundly stupid but given this is her first offense I am not sure what merits this hate. She has long way to go before she hits lohan level. Everyone is human and hopefully she learns from this and doesn’t follow in the path of her ex.

  • I don’t understand the hating either. She was arrested with an alcohol level of 0.8 which is just on the legal limit. If you did even a little research, Sarah, then you would know that many people get DUIs in the morning. Why? BC they drank the night before, slept for a few hours and thought they were fine when they woke up. And chances are, for the most part they are. But when you sleep, your metabolism slows and you are not burning off the alcohol at a fast rate. Depending on how much you drink, it could take 12 hours or more before your BAC is under the legal level. I always thought that .08 was a stupid limit anyways, bc it is the equivalent of ONE drink. And espcially when you have a low body weight like ronson. If you are going to arrest people at .08, you might as well arrest them at .0008. Each state has an arbitrary number that they choose. Regardless, it IS the law whether you agree with it or not and we’d do well to educate people better about the fact that you don’t just grab a catnap and miraculously are safe to drive. it just doesn’t work that way.

  • Everyone busting on Sarah…. Do you just not “get” the Internet? Besides, she’s right…. Samantha Ronson looks exactly as Sarah stated. This site seems to be attracting more people with no appreciation for the art of being snarky. Where do these big bags of dicks come from?

  • Sam is waaaaaay cooler than Lindsay. And I bet a single drink could put her at .08 without her noticing considering how skinny her “heroine addict” self is.

  • Hahaha! You must have some latent mean girl/freaky friday fetish sara?? Can certainly think of a lot of reasons to dislike lohan. What with multiple DUIs, probation violations, driving over peoples feet, hitting strollers, beating up rehab workers, blaming it on the black kid,house parties in house arrest. She just seems like a spoilt entitled brat with huge issues. This is the first time samro has given me any reason to dislike her ( i don’t count disliking how she looks as a valid excuse for bashing her). That said dumbass move to drink and drive.

  • Way to go, bashing a sort-of-colleague!
    Isn’t there some sort of moral code to keep you from bashing someone who writes for the same website as you?
    What makes this even funnier, didn’t Sophia Rossi not just declare her to be the BFF of the week?
    Are they PAYING you at HG?
    Because that would make this whole thing a lot nastier.