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Taylor Swift Covers Eminem; When Will It Stop?

It hurt a little when Taylor Swift covered Mumford and Sons, but I tried to be ok with it. And then when she did the Dixie Chicks cover, I actually thought it was kind of cute. But then she did an Eminem cover. And I don’t know how to deal with these feelings.

Do we still care about Taylor Swift at all, or is she over? I feel like she broke it off with Jake Gyllenhaal and then most people over the age of 17 stopped caring about her around the same time? Or maybe that’s just my fondest wish. Confirm or deny, please!

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  • I thought it was cute. She’s also not irrelevant post-JG. Sure, she’s been out of the spotlight, but that’s pretty much what it was like before she dated JG and certainly before the Kanye incident. Just wishful thinking on your part.

  • Um, Taylor is selling out NFL football stadiums and arenas around the world. I say she is still pretty big. I personally think she has pulled back a little and is not so much in everyone’s faces as she used to be. But yeah she is pretty relevant. I saw her show last week in Newark and she was amazing.

  • By the way, what in the world does Jake Gyllenhaal have to do with Taylor anymore. She might have dated him for a short while, but Taylor has moved on seems to be enjoying her life while on tour. Oh and she sold out both of her shows at Madison Square Garden in two minutes or maybe it was 1 minutes. I forgot. Yeah, Taylor is going pretty strong. Your infor and your opinions are pretty stupid.

  • Oh! “taylor swift played a song”!!! really??! Omg Thats incredible!! Musical Genius!!! “Taylor Swift met some guy”!! Omg I can’t even breathe!!! She must be god!!! “Taylor swift chews gum” NO FREAKING WAY!!! I CHEW GUM!! I CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF!!!

    Can you only blog about her if she does something interesting, because last time I checked this was not a “taylor swift’s covers” appreciation blog.

  • Everyone’s comments are hilarious and extremely biased. I love that Love Tay! called your opinions stupid, lol.

    Keep up the good work Emily.

  • She’s talented, she is funny and cute, as long as she doesn’t start fucking every guy in Hollywood, she’s not going anywhere. Get over it.

  • Taylor could sing the phonebook and her fans would still love it. Screw the haters. Jake G is a moran as well. He would have been the luckiest guy in the world to have Taylor. She’s too good for him anyway. P.S. this is my video…not really sure who took it and put it on this site? But, you’re welcome.

  • Just… no. That was painful. It sounded like me in the shower, and THAT is NOT something anyone needs to be punished with!

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