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Did You Want to See Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Invitation?

A photo of Kim Kardashian's wedding invitation

I know that, around these parts, everybody’s been real excited about Kim Kardashian‘s wedding. Even when you leave comments like “dear God, please please please never ever talk about the Kardashians ever again,” I know it’s just because you’re so torn inside because you can’t fathom the pure, all-encompassing love that you have for these people. And that’s why we’re soldiering on together.

Oh, and despite what I told you earlier, Kim and her man aren’t getting married on Halloween – the date is August 20th. So jot that down on your calendars, and get those tissues ready, because forget William and Kate, THIS is the wedding of the century.

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  • You’re adorable. And despite my . . . “inability to fathom the pure, all-encompassing love that I have for these people” . . . I love this post. A lot.

    That said, I only know who the Kardashians are through this site. When I first heard “Kardashian,” it was Kathy Griffin mentioning the name, years ago. I thought that she was mispronouncing “Cardassian.” Because I’m the sort of person who, on some level, expects to hear people talk about Star Trek.

  • Can we have “No-Kardashian Week” please? Or month, or whenever the wedding date is, no word on them untill wedding? Come on, otherwise it’s going to be countless posts on stuff nobody cares about, the kress, klowers, kressents, k-whatever…