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Kim Kardashian Poses for a Middle Eastern Magazine

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I know a lot (OK, most) of you guys really hate Kim Kardashian, but I’m sorry – surprisingly, it’s just not in me to do it these days – I think she’s grown on me. I really think she seems likable enough, even if she has done some questionable things in the past. Also? I think she’s super pretty.

Take this photo shoot for example. It’s for some currently-undisclosed Middle Eastern-based magazine, which Kim was eager to pose for and interview with. And she pulled it off, despite the horrible earrings that I wore to a Hanson concert in 1996 and the horrible matching pattern on her equally-horrible dress.

Now before I continue to look like an ass for defending someone like Kim Kardashian, can you guys tell me – is there anyone out there who actually likes her? I mean, aside from me?

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  • Yeah she’s pretty, but a ton of it is make up, and anyway, why is that a reason to be a celebrity? She hasn’t go any real talent except deluding everyone into caring about her life.

  • I like Kim!Actually,I like all 3 Kardashian sisters.When you watch their show,you can sometimes (through all the bullshit staged-shit) see glimpses of their senses of humor and see that they are probably really cool.They all play characters for the public,and actually do it damn well.

    PS.I also think she’s super pretty,and is one of those famous women that look just as good,if not better,without any make up on.

  • the thing i hate most about her, is that there are thousands of woman who watch her show, and then go out of their way to try and be her. what the fuck has she done that is so special? i literally cannot understand her giant ass (punny, i know)fan base. what is the appeal? is it JUST because she is pretty? big fucking deal. but hey, if she gets paid to just show up places and endorse things because she is KIM KARDASHIAN (ooOOOoo), then good for her. it just bothers me that she has a tv show that further allows zillions of young girls and women to obsess over her life and try to emulate it.

  • Her name in “Middle Eastern” is Chlamydia.
    Her name in “Mediterranean” is Papillomavirus.
    Her name in “French” is Syphilis.
    Her name in “Theater” is Clap.

  • I am sick of having her shoved down my throat, like she has some kind of talent or something..

    tons of foundation, powder, conturing powder, 3 shadows, face primer, false lashes, eye primer, botox, lipstick, lip pencil and lip gloss, fake extensions, fake tan and fake other things, what’s NOT to love.

    she can’t dance, sing or act. she nds to take her money and go away…and the baby annoying voice–TRASHBAG!

    all of those folks and no one has one damn talented trait, nada.

    NOW, she’s marrying someone she doesn’t even know–you can look on her face and see, she’s not in love..

    Kris Dumphries, made 3 mil last yr, so he bought her a 2 mil dollar ring??? STOP w/the lies.

    Reggie dodged this one, and I am sure he is glad! a circus!

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