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Aww, Look at The Bieber’s Father/Son Tattoos!

A photo of Justin Bieber

Remember back when we showed you some sweet pictures of Justin and Selena Gomez frolicking along the beach, and it looked like The Biebz had a touch of ink on his ribs? Well, it’s because he did. And so does his dad.

In such a tender and loving display of familial affection, Justin and his dad, Jeremy, both got the Hebrew word for “Jesus” tattoed on their torsos. Because hey, nothing says “fatherly love” like getting the Lord’s name permanently etched on your 17-year-old kid’s flesh, right?

Ok, of course I’m just kidding. Plenty more things say “fatherly love” than that. For instance, getting the Lord’s name permanently etched on your 17-year-old kid’s flesh right before he goes off to sin with his lady. Now that speaks volumes, don’t you think?

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  • Beibers dad hot? Have you had your eyes checked? Was it his douchey earring, or the loser soulpatch? Or the fact he thinks tattoing himself and his son with matching idiot tattoos is so “hot”.


    • Ha! No, I feel Bnasty on this. I’m definitely startled by the “oh my god, the father of a pop icon looks like a guy I made out with in a bar one time” vibe. (But you’re right, it’s because of the earring and the landing strip on his chin.)

      But seriously, what is he, 38? o_O

  • Geez Chuck taking it a little personal! I said “kinda hot in the douchey I play in a cover band way” I’m not creamin my jeans over hear I just didnt expect his father to look so much like someone my age hanging out at a punk club. Also I hate “soul patches” most useless of all the facial hair statements.