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I Really Hate What Lindsay Wore to Court Today

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

To be perfectly honest, all I want to talk about is Lindsay‘s dumb ol’ dress. I just want to be catty about fashion, I don’t want to go on and on about how yeah, Lindsay might really go to jail soon, because it’s exhausting and it’s never going to happen and it’s ridiculous. But hey, I’m nothing if not dedicated.

Here’s a quick rundown: Lindsay had herself a little checkup at court today to make sure she’s doing ok. Newsflash: she’s not. She was supposed to get some counseling because, um, she’s crazy, you know, and she hasn’t yet because she can’t afford it, apparently, and also she’s been slacking on that community service. The judge was like “shape up or ship out,” and Lindsay was like “whatever, I’m wearing a stupid dress and I have an attitude problem.” And that’s exactly how court went today.

But yeah, that dress, huh? Do you think Lindsay will ever be able to dress appropriately for court? I hope so, because since she’s never going to jail and she’s never going to learn she’s going to have plenty of opportunities.

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  • She might be able to afford it without the fancy beach house and clothes…or if she could get SAG benefits by actually acting for once.

  • Please tell me what you don’t like about the dress. Is it the dress itself? Or is it the lack appropriateness of the dress for such an occasion? Because I really like the dress, and, Emily, I like to think that we’re on the same page for most things.

  • I like the dress, and have one very similar, and it seems much more appropriate then what she has worn in the past. Maybe your just a bit put out because there was no chance for an up skirt, or cleavage shot? Her shoes make my feet hurt just looking at them.