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This Has to Stop (But I’ll Post One Last Thing About Linda Hamilton)

Linda Hamilton at Wizard World Chicago, August 21, 2010This thing with the annual Marine Corps Ball? It has to stop. Seriously. After this final YouTube video proposal, I’m done. I now wash my hands of this whole affair. Probably.

To quickly recapitulate: a Marine asked Mila Kunis to the annual Marine Corps Ball. She accepted. So a Lady Marine asked Justin Timberlake to a different Marine Corps Ball. With bells on! he said. Then, another Marine asked Betty White to the ball. DENIED. Denied by Betty White!

And actress Linda Hamilton will not stand for it. At least, I think this is really Linda Hamilton? It sure sounds like her. Radar and Movieline both seem to think this is really Linda Hamilton. Yes, this is probably really Linda Hamilton.

So here is Linda Hamilton, begging Sgt. Ray Lewis to take her to the Ball, and I mean begging. And—you’ll like this part—she opens her plea with a clip from her Terminator 2 days, showing Sarah Connor doing chin-ups. (Sgt. Lewis introduced his Betty White video proposal with chin-ups as well, see.)

Will the sergeant accept Linda Hamilton’s proposition? “You are amazing,” he tweeted, presumably to Ms. Hamilton, but he didn’t outright accept or decline. Maybe he’s holding out for a date with an even higher-profile celebrity: “dude I have gotten dozens of offers over the last couple hrs!” he reported cryptically.

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