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Lady Gaga Beats the Heat in New York City

Lady Gaga wears next-to-nothing in NYC on Sunday

My boyfriend just texted to say that it feels like 102 degrees Fahrenheit in Chicago today. And on the last day of Pitchfork, too! (OK, it might not be 102 degrees right now because, through the mind-blowing science of Internet Time Travel, I am speaking to you from Today’s Past to tell you about the Bible Belt heatwave.)

Anyway. It was in the 90s in New York City today, and Lady Gaga sure dressed the part, clomping down the street in silly patent-leather boots and not much else. I actually approve of her ensemble, because I am a pragmatic person who can very occasionally justify somebody else’s leather bikini, with just one caveat: I can smell her from here.

Also, while I know that celebs can walk around New York City without being mobbed by fans, is this safe? WHERE IS GAGA’S SECURITY DETAIL?

And Lady Gaga needs a security detail, because—as reader Simon Jadis pointed out earlier today—the Divine Miss M is coming for Gaga’s ass.

The city is Gaga’s catwalk, via Splash News Online:

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