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Viral Video: Sean Bean Dies Violently, Constantly

Every Sean Bean Character Gets Killed LOLOLOLOL

Image via the Lolbrary

Actor Sean Bean is is the manliest. He’s a chivalrous bad boy! He drinks, he smokes, he brawls.

He also dies a lot.

Have you seen the “Sean Bean Death Reel” yet? It’s incredible. Sure, Sean Bean gets shot over and over again, but then there’s an avalanche! A fireball! He’s hanged! Beheaded! Drawn-and-quartered! Impaled! Killed in a stampede! The video goes on and on. It will melt your mind.

P.S. SPOILER ALERT: Video contains 21 spoilers.

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  • I’m so glad someone at Evilbeet decided to post this, thanks Jen. ^^ I love Sean Bean, and I’ve probably watched this video 10 times now since it appeared.
    You can find the list of all the films shown in the reel over at Pajiba, for those interested in knowing what movies they were from. (I just had to find out about the cow stampede lol)
    Anyways, an ingenious video. The only death they left out (probably because its only implied) is **SPOILER** the ending of “Far North” where he runs out naked and screaming into the arctic tundra. (:


  • This is hilarious. My husband is always saying how Sean Bean never lives in his roles, and this made us both laugh. :)

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