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Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen Are Still Together, Are Also Riding Bikes

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Who would have thought these two would last through the filming of a Woody Allen film? Pssh. Certainly not me. When these two were sucking face (and by “these two” and “sucking face,” I clearly mean “Michael Sheen assaulting ninety percent of the holes on Rachel McAdams’ face”) last year in an airport like the world was going to end the very next day, I also chuffed, saying that the couple wouldn’t last through the month.

Well here they are, together, riding bikes in Canada looking like the loving couple down the block who’s trying to reinvent their lifestyles one healthy habit at a time – Rachel’s shining good health is a perfect complement to her mate’s paunch-bellied, huffing and puffing attempts to keep up.

Nice job keeping it together, guys!

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  • I’m glad all’s well, they’re cute as a set. However, I’m disappointed in the look he’s trying to make happen. And the hair, sweet jesus…