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Selena Gomez Has a Questionable TwitPic

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So this was a photo that Selena Gomez recently put up on her Twitter. Cute, isn’t it? Little Justin Bieber-loving boobs hanging out and all. Totally appropriate for eighteen years old, right? I mean, it’s not as if she’s Miley-effing-Cyrus and needs to front like she’s all that innocent anymore.  Not that, you know, Miley ever was any good at that or anything.  But hey.  Got to give the girl some credit.  She’s Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, and that’s a hard, hard shadow to try and eclipse.

Do what you gotta do, girl!

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  • These girls look 15. I’m torn between the 15 year old girls that look 30 (and like they’ve had a couple of kids) and the ~19 year olds that look 15. Malnourishment? or over consumption?

    • I barely look 18 without my make up, and I am 22. Many girls look much younger than their age.

  • i thought when you are old enough to be a stripper its OK to show a little cleavage. point seems moot. you sound like a prude.

  • Well, whats up with you lot!! comon the girl is old enough to do whatever and she is not even showing her boobs “hanging out and all” is just cleavege appearing. Seariously people!

    • I . . . Selena Gomez is really hot. If I were (shudder) interested in women, I would be all kinds of crushing on her. One does not have to be Samantha Fox or Christina Hendricks to “have breasts.”

      Additionally, I recommend against using capslock quite so liberally.

  • Well I’m a guy and (of course) shes still gorgeous, ain’t nothing wrong with her at all, if you think otherwise your either gay or jealous.

  • Uhhhh…… who is Samantha Fox, or do you mean Megan Fox? If so screw her, she’s a washed up beat ta death whore who’s had her time and much like lindsay blew it.

  • WTF?!? U guys are saying Selena is a darling and she’s still awesome (I agree I love her too) but Miley is also 18 and hardly shows her boobs she’s more of a tomboy and u guys say shit like she’s a slut and all!

  • It’s not like she intentionally had a wardrobe malfunction, or NEEDS a bra, or IS underage or anything. She looks great, at a point in a so far successful YOUNG life that passes oh so quickly. Don’t be hating because of it, try being happy for her. I will never meet that kid, but I wish her well. If you haters put more effort into being happy or figuring out why your not than being rude; you might even benefit as much as everyone your acidic life touches.