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Adrian Grenier’s Senior Class Photo!

Hot hot Adrian Grenier's Olan Mills thing

Here’s Lady Lovely Locks, AKA teenaged Adrian Grenier, in what must be the most magical 1990s senior photo ever composed. He stares doe-eyed into the camera’s flash, looking directly into the glowing vortex of his bright future. I especially love the way Grenier’s flowing locks—which accentuate his natural widow’s peak so beautifully—kind of create an aesthetic dissonance with the bow tie. (The only thing that can explain Grenier’s hair: he immediately went on to college to study molecular biology.)

Grenier is a good sport; he uploaded the picture to his Facebook in commemoration of the final season of “Entourage.”

I can’t believe we’re finally adults now! Have a great summer, Adrian!! XOXOXO!!!

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