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Janice Dickinson Doesn’t Look Healthy, Right?

A photo of Janice Dickinson

I know you guys always love galleries of hot girls in bikinis, so yeah, you’re welcome for this. But this time, I’d like to do a little more than just add some images to your spank bank. No, this time I also want to discuss the well-being of the beloved Janice Dickinson.

She’s losing it, isn’t she? I mean, she’s never really had it, but you don’t think it’s drugs, do you? Maybe she’s back to the substance abuse? And can anyone explain what exactly is going on with her belly button? I have no idea about any of this, that’s why I need your input on this one. Come through for me, friends, so I can know exactly what to include in Janice’s care package this month.

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  • Wow, that is one hard-living mama. So sad because you can occasionally see glimpses of the exotic beauty she was ‘back in the day,’ but that ‘day’ is about 40 years gone. Navel, rib cage – the whole mid-section is a mess.

  • she is 56, i think she looks fine. she is thin and old and after a while, those two things make you look like…that. if her skin looked youthful i think she would look healthy, it looks like she works out.

  • Anyone that has a pooch or more than a pooch knows the “suck in your gut” trick. This is what Janice is doing for these pics…she knew they were being taken and god forbid anyone say or think she is FAT!

  • For 56 she looks like a million bucks. Can’t expect her to have a 30 year old’s body any more, but that’s about as close as she can get. she just looks like she keeps down on the fat and ups the ante on the muscle, which is about all you can do at that age if you still wanna slip into a bikini and wear it decently.

  • C’mon people if she were fat with cellulite ……then she would be criticized for that….she is almost 60 years old….she looks good for her age….I mean really…how many people that age do you know that can still wear a bikini?