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Apparently Nicolas Cage’s Son’s Wife is Just as Crazy as Her Husband

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Nicolas Cage’s son would be the roundhouse-kicking Weston Cage, who I didn’t even know completed his psych evaluation after completely losing his shit in the last weeks of June, and his wife would be Nikki Williams, who – appropriately enough, I guess – is as batshit insane.

LA law enforcement claims that a bunch of bloody drama went down last night in the couple’s shared apartment, wherein Nikki ended up calling the police, screaming that Weston had assaulted her.

To be fair? Sources are also saying that Nikki started the melee, punched Weston repeatedly and cut him on the arm with a broken bottle. Both were arrested, but Weston was the only one released. Nikki is allegedly still in custody.

TMZ also has an exclusive video where you can see the damage Nikki inflicted on Weston. Weston’s final words on the subject? “Don’t get married.”

Also? The two (yes, both of them) just returned from rehab earlier this week.

What a classy pair.

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