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Paris Hilton’s Got a New Boyfriend

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Look, Paris has sunk her talons into another dude somehow. An apparent US resident, who, unless he’s deaf, blind, and dumb, probably knows of her history in this country and all of the male destruction she’s left behind her in a slimy trail of herpe discharge.

And the guy is no nobody, either – if you don’t recognize him (and let’s be real, I didn’t), it’s Todd Phillips, who was the director of The Hangover. And actually? This is a step UP from her last boyfriend, Cy Waits, who was some kind of weird casino kingpin straight out of Back to the Future Part II.

According to People:

New couple alert? Paris Hilton may have recently called things off with beau Cy Waits – and the heiress has been getting cozy with the Hangover director Todd Phillips. The two headed to Beacher’s Madhouse, the vaudeville show inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where they met up with Nicky Hilton and sat at a secluded table toward the back of the club. But the duo wasn’t hiding their affection: they shared kisses and kept their eyes locked on each other despite the setting. Earlier, the two started their night at the Chateau Marmont, where they enjoyed wine on the patio with friends.

Ew, man. I know that sounds juvenile and stuff, but that’s honestly the gut reaction that Paris Hilton evokes in me. Effing EW.

Judging by the look of the photo, too, the pair is holding hands. Or, I don’t know, maybe Paris is helping him shift. She strikes me as that stupid, baby-talking cornball that says, “Ooh, me likie the power of this car; can I stroke my hand up and down the gearshift and feel the rumble of it underneath my fingers?” Ugh. CRUSTY.

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  • I love this picture – he looks both repulsed & annoyed all at the same time, while she looks like she’s trying to be coy (and ends up just looking like her idiot self).

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