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And Speaking of Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift Did an Interview with Teen Vogue

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Am I crazy for not thinking that Taylor Swift is all that pretty? I mean, she’s not BAD-LOOKING, by any means, nor is she even average, I guess, but I just don’t really find her all that attractive. I know she’s a moderately talented singer/songwriter and stuff, and not everyone can be a wanton sex goddess like Olivia Wilde, and it’s NOT EVEN LIKE it’s just LOOKS THAT MATTER, but Taylor Swift? I guess I’ll just pass on that, thanks.

I mean, even in this photo shoot, where she’s supposed to be all charming and whimsical and come-hither, it’s just not translating for me. Maybe my receptors are broken or something, because I just. don’t. get it. Plus, the floral theme that’s going on here totally makes me want to drown myself in Zyrtec and nasal spray.

So anyway. Here’s some excerpts from Taylor’s Vogue interview. I’m sure you’ll find them scintillating:

On really getting into her most favorite television programs:

“Detective Olivia Benson from Law & Order S.V.U. I sit in my apartment and watch hours of that show. So I sort of feel like me and Olivia are BFFs.”

On the songs that speak to her most:

“‘She’s So High’ by Tal Bachman (the sweetest song !!), ‘You Learn’ by Alanis Morissette, ‘Shot in the Dark’ by Augustana.”

On loving “princess dresses”:

“I get to wear it every night on tour at the end of the show when I’m singing ‘Love Story.’ It’s long and sparkly (big surprise, right?) and a total princess dress.”

One thing that Taylor Swift really gets going? My allergies. Seriously.

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  • she’s ridiculously beautiful in real life. pictures don’t do her justice plus she’s super sweet, nice and talented. I love the shoot.

  • I’m with ya, Sarah. I don’t think she’s that pretty. It does look like she’s got a bit of Nicole Kidman in her, but they can’t quite pull that out yet. I think she could do well with the right stylist and photographer. I get the idea of the shoot, I just don’t think they got it right. On another note, while I don’t think she’s superbly talented, I do respect her for her involvement in her tour. She has a hand in everything. Even the lights! Get it girl!

  • She is really not that pretty, she has just been really hyped up, a bit like Adele. Besides, I think it’s dangerous how in her songs she sings the most important thing a girl has is her virginity. I don’t like her one bit.

  • Working at a grocery store, I not only have to hear this bitch’s music every day, but every customer who walks by is singing along too.
    I like these photos though.