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Britney’s Official “I Wanna Go” Video is Here!

One thing I’ve got to say is that Britney‘s really kicking things up with this tour, all these singles, photo shoots and new videos. Girlfriend has got her game ON. This video is probably the best yet, in that she’s charming, engaging, dancing like a normal person and not someone with metal bars reinforcing their skeletons, and her eyes? LOOK SANE. Seriously. No crazy eyes to be had in this video.

However, there are a few questionable things to be seen: ripping off Half-Baked‘s famous “fuck you, I’m out” skit (I wonder if she got permission to, like, do that. That’s probably some pretty big trouble if she didn’t, y’know), flashing a police officer in front of a minor (ding: MORE big trouble), and yesterday’s “bust a pap in the mouth with a mic” thing. Promoting violence are we? And the ending is just weird. Is that supposed to be an Adnan Ghalib-alike? And what’s with the milk – and the seashells?

Regardless, I’m on board for a full-on Britney revival, and it doesn’t look like it’s that far off.

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