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Snooki’s Beach-Ready Pickle Sandals

Snooki's pickle sandals

Nicole Polizzi is already a New York Times bestselling author, but she hasn’t quite finished, um, “smushing” the cultural zeitgeist, so to speak.

The ebullient munchkin recently announced her new line of “beach footwear” and flip-flops, primed to launch this very holiday season. Which is perfect! I always start shopping for open-toed platform wedges in December.

No word yet on how much Snooki Enterprises LLC will charge for those pink sequined pickle sandals, but Polizzi promises footwear at every price point, ranging from $15 to $50.

Then again, if you love pickles as much as Snooki does, just follow her lead and duct-tape a Vlasic jar underneath each foot. You know, like Moon Shoes. What.

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  • They are actually really cute. If I liked Snookie, or JS, I would get these. If they were in my country. And what? December? Holiday season? Puzzled.

  • That’s what they said in the press release: “Collection will launch in time for the 2011 holiday season.” And unless they mean “the fourth of July holiday season,” I’ll have new pink sandals just in time for the next Chicago snow blizzard. (I don’t think the footwear company is Australian or anything, so yeah, I don’t even know.)