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Stars Are Just Like Us: Christina Hendricks Edition

[Image removed on request]

They look like goons when a fierce wind blows, too.

Above (and below) we have the ever-lovely Christina Hendricks doing her best to fight the elements during a recent jaunt in West Hollywood. Without a flat iron.

While we’ve got her here, let’s talk about the concept of a Christina Hendricks without red hair. I mean, I love the shade on her, and that creamy porcelain skin is totally accentuated by the copper, but her hair’s eventually going to start breaking off at the root if she keeps this color going forever. I had my hair dyed the very same shade of red once and it lasted all of nine months. Though I positively loved it, it began looking like cheap, over-processed doll hair over the course of a few months. It went, and it went fast.

Can we imagine Christina Hendricks as anything, really, but a ginger?


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