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Love It or Leave It: Diane Kruger, Covered in Urine

A photo of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

Ok, let me give dear Diane Kruger the benefit of the doubt for a bit first. See, I don’t think she’s ACTUALLY covered in urine, I think it’s just the colors of the dress.  Diane is notoriously well-dressed, so I highly doubt that she would attend an event after spilling urine all over herself.  Plus, she’s there with her one true love, Pacey, and I don’t think she would want to embarrass him like that.  Also, I’m still not wearing my glasses, but my eyesight’s not incredibly bad, and I’m nearsighted anyway, so I guess we’re getting into the real point of this, which is “Diane, why the fuck are you in public in your pee dress?”

You guys can see it too, right?  It’s not just me having golden showers on the brain, is it (no, it is not)?  Other people can see that this dress makes Diane Kruger look like she got doused in a couple of bladders and then tried to make the best of it?  I could really use your support on this one.

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  • I love the dress, I think it is original and dainty. I’m not too fond of the stain-like marks on the skirt but other than that I find it is beautiful.