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Love It or Leave It: Christina Aguilera Gets Chopped, Photoshopped, and Taken Down a Peg or Two

photo of christina aguilera w magazine pictures photos

Christina Aguilera is photographed for the cover of W magazine, looking everything that she’s been avoiding lately: pale, sober, makeup-less, and naked. Here’s another shot:

photo of christina aguilera in w magazine pictures photos

My opinion? Despite the obvious Photoshop, this is the look that Christina needs to be going for.

What’s your verdict – do we like the more demure (and decidedly smaller-faced) version of Christina, or are we still digging on the bright red lips, platinum baloney curls, and heavy foundation?

Images courtesy of Cele|bitchy

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  • yah. if you hadn’t told me that was christina i would’ve thought it was some model or something. this is truly a marvel at the possibilities of PhotoShop — they should use it as a demo in graphic arts classes lol.

  • She’s always half-naked, anyway! She looks a lot better like this than when she’s full-on trashy, but anyway I feel her time is over now, and she is trying to stay relevant by all means.

  • The photoshopped pics, to me, show her potential. I really don’t understand why she cakes on the foundation and bright red porn lipstick. She should lay off the sauce and the buckets of KFC too…

  • Christina, looks younger, and better. Sweet actually, like she used to look, before all the makeup, and weight. Love Her, but She is overdoing the Make Up, and Fake Hair. Be Yourself Christina, Look good again! Don’t copy, Lady GAGA!

  • kkkkkkkkkkkkkk ai que tosco, Christina Aguilera veio antes de LG, é muito mais talentosa e muito mais extravagante o que ela faz agora (Lady Gaga) Christina fez no passado, Lady é só a mistura de grandes nomes da musica em um unico ser humano, Christina apenas não se vestiu de carne pq né…

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