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Guess The Celebrity: Who’s The Sexy Stormtrooper?

[image removed upon request]

This well-known vixen took it upon herself to steal some poor stormtrooper’s helmet at a party this past weekend.  I know the picture’s a little blurry, but you can still fap to it, Stars Wars nerds.  And you’re welcome.

Here are some hints:  I wouldn’t touch this particular lady with a ten foot pole, and if you were smart, you wouldn’t either. Also, if you’re turned on by this image, you could take it upon yourself to see a lot more of her in sexy video form.  Also, David Hasselhoff.

Give up?

[image removed upon request]

It’s Pamela Anderson!  The Hasselhoff thing really should have given it away.  But yes, crack-loving, trashy-looking, nipple-baring Pam Anderson did that drunk girl move that I can’t stand: “oh look, you have a cute hat/helmet/piece of jewelry/boyfriend, I’m going to claim it as my own, don’t I look so adorably wasted?”

No, Pam Anderson. No you do not.

Images courtesy of The Daily Telegraph

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  • Pam is sinking fast. Even 5 years ago, the twerp behind her wouldn’t be able to get close enough to her to touch her, let alone put his arm around her.

  • Maybe it’s the kind of bra that’s showing, maybe it’s because she looks all Spanx-ed in, but Pam looks OOOOOOLD in that first picture.