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Dakota Fanning Graduates High School, We All Feel So Old

A photo of Dakota Fanning

Look at this little girl, you guys! Out little Dakota Fanning is all grown up. It seems like just yesterday she was everyone’s favorite little actress.  Remember I Am Sam?  Or how she was little adorable Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama? No doubt, this girl has always had some talent, but that’s not what this is about.  No, today, this is about precious Dakota getting her high school diploma and entering into adulthood*. Congratulations!

Do you remember your high school graduation?  How proud you felt?  How you had to sit between the twin brothers who came after you alphabetically because the principal didn’t trust them not to get in a fight during the ceremony, which you mostly missed because they were arguing over you anyway? Ah, to be young again …

*Really, she enters into adulthood when she turns 18 next February.  Don’t perv out just yet, guys.