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Did You Catch Paris on The View?

This happened a few days ago, but this little clip is just now starting to make the rounds, and I couldn’t keep it from you. How could I? Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg going after poor little defenseless Paris Hilton is too good to pass up.

I love how Paris doesn’t seem like a real person. From her words to her appearance, she just seems like a really advanced robot. Remember that time that she didn’t understand the true meaning of Christmas or that time that she adopted 20 bunnies or those times that she didn’t understand how the law works? It’s all just been problems with her programming.  So really, just like Paris has always told us, it’s not her fault.

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  • Hahaha. “Paris, you’re a hypocrite.” “I’m just joking.” OK, Paris, you either *are* a bitch or you’re *acting* like a bitch. Both of those options suck. I also find it funny that she has apparently canceled some of her interviews since then.

  • I have a hard time understanding how her mother takes her so seriously – or why she’s willing to be a part of her ridiculous projects.