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Justin and Selena Are Spending Their Nights Together Now

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In the photo above and those below, sources claim that Selena Gomez was caught entering Justin Bieber‘s home last night. Probably for a pizza party or something. Anyway, the couple didn’t emerge ’til the next morning (today), and when they did, Selena was wearing the same clothes.

Now, before y’all go crazy and insist that Justin Bieber is engaging in underage sex, and Selena Gomez is guilty of corrupting a minor and what not, I am SURE that they were just cuddling. Like, they were probably watching Camp Rock II and fell asleep on the den couch before they even realized it was already after midnight. All of that Trivial Pursuit and Candyland must have tired them out. I mean, if Selena was planning on having a sleepover with Justin, she’d at least bring a change of clothes. And her toothbrush. IT’S NOT REALLY A WALK OF SHAME UNLESS SOMEONE HAD SEX.

Images courtesy of INF

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