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This is What Miley’s New Movie Project Looks Like

photo of miley cyrus in so undercover pictures photos

Miley Cyrus is starrin’ in a new movie, y’all, and it’s called So Undercover. The flick centers around Miley, who is a private investigator-turned-FBI agent who has to go, like, ‘so undercover’ as a sorority coed in order to protect a mob boss’s daughter. It also stars Jeremy ‘Something’s Fishy and You’re Never Gonna Live It Down’ Piven and Autumn Reeser, and also features an appearance by Kelly Osbourne.

And no, I don’t know WHAT this shit is, or WHO the target audience is gonna be, but the photos, guys? They just speak for themselves. LOUDLY. NASALLY, too.

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  • Who in the heck is going to buy Miley Cyrus, age 18, as an FBI agent??? The age and name alone are enough to overcome but combined? There’s only so much suspension of disbelief the audience can dole out.

  • Hasn’t this been done several times already? Once with Sandra Bullock in a beauty pageant and once with that dude having to be un undercover security guard in a sorority?

  • Not has this been done before, it’s been done before (recently) by Disney. With that Gomez girl and someone else, I think. Will it never end?

  • C’mon guys. Is the story really the issue here? Or is Disney simply thinking “well, if we put Miley in some skimpy clothes and make a movie we’ll make mad cash?” I think they understand what drives young males to the movie theater. Cash for ass, simple as that.

  • I totally agree with Capitalist. This movie is like a revision of many other movies but of course, Miley Cyrus will be showing some skin so I’m sure, it will still be a hit. I’ll just wait for the DVD of this one.