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Which Two Co-Hosts on ‘The Talk’ Hate Each Other’s Guts?

Fighting Behind the Scenes at "The Talk" [Photos, Pictures]

I have not seen The Talk yet, but now that I’ve read about all of the drama that’s going on behind the scenes at the show, I’m almost definitely going to delete some episodes of Extreme Couponing off of my DVR to make room for this shit.

From CinemaBlend:

After only a week on the job, Susan Winston, the new executive producer of CBS’ The Talk, has turned in her letter of resignation.

Barely a month ago, The Talk’s original executive producer Brad Bessey announced he wouldn’t be returning for a second season. Now his replacement is gone too, and the early speculation is the show may not even hire someone else. What the hell is going on with CBS’ newest daytime offering? Developed as a replacement for As The World Turns, this shoddy View impersonation has gotten almost universally slandered by critics and has shed viewers from the figures its soap opera predecessor was putting up. Original correspondent Marissa Janet Winokur quit within the first few months, and now the hot rumor is Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete can’t get along backstage.

Of course a part of me is disappointed that there’s so much drama surrounding a show that’s simply trying to give a diverse group of women a forum to use their voices, but another part of me is thrilled that I might have something to fill the void that’s been there ever since the ladies on The View stopped fighting. These days you just have to wait for one of those episodes where Elisabeth Hasselbeck says something incredibly dumb for the show to get any attention in the headlines.

Let’s hope that things between Leah and Holly continue to get tense until one of them snaps on camera and we get to see the shitshow that I think we’re all secretly anticipating.

Have you been watching The Talk? Any signs of that epic meltdown I’m predicting so far?

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  • I’ve watched it a few times, and I actually really like it. The ladies all seem to get along well, sometimes it’s like watching a group of best friends sitting around chopping it up. I’ve never even had a n inkling that any of them don’t get along.

  • I watch regularly and I don’t see any tension between Leah and Holly. They’ve even shown pictures and videos of them at each other’s houses and stuff like that. As for Marissa, she left the show when her father passed away and just never came back (they said something about her taking time off, but haven’t even mentioned her since).

  • The show has been a guilty pleasure daily since the Talk started as I appreciated Leah and Holly the chemistry will the ladies now I think is fabulous and I hope you are really friends because that’s what I see every day.. Carnie ad Marie are fabulous stand ins but when one of the 5 of you are gone I really miss the chemistry. I love politics but glad you avoid it I want a show that takes me away from the problems of the day and you guys hit it on the nail keep up the good work in 42 and think you are all fabulous and Sheryl im glad they kept you on the show and the week you shared your secrets gave me such a sense of how much you care about your viewers, Forget calgon you take me away for an hour a day… Thank you guys for what you do…. I hope someone from your show really does read the positive comments from your viewers.