Lindsay Lohan’s a Piece of Work, Huh?

So even on house arrest, Lindsay Lohan is the topic of many a male fantasy: so much so, that an art photographer by the name of Richard Phillips decided to use Lindsay as the subject of a a short film for the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills, and you’re gonna love this shit. It’s a short film that’s just chock-full of cheesy reject-from-a-cheap-spa music and lip-biting, eye-widening stares by she-of-the-duck-lips-and-receding-hairline – the MOTHERFUCKING LEGEND – Lindsay Lohan herself.

And if that doesn’t get your goat and just sate your appetite for Lindsay, well then just jump on in for a very NSFW photo of girlfriend’s uber-pale frankennipple. Something’s just not right there. And I think it goes by the name of ‘carcinoma’ or something.

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  1. lala says:

    the sad thing is, she is still so pretty. just imagine how incredibly stunning she would be without the drugs, the drama, the fucking self-tanner, the fake lips and the gross bleached blonde hair.
    damn girl, you had so much potential

  2. sobi says:

    my friend is a ginger and she said she has the same thing going on re: nipples. there’s no pigment on the areola so it all blends together

  3. Scout says:

    Umm…girl…whatever your blog-face-name is. That’s My Bloody Valentine…not “reject-from-a-cheap-spa-music”. You need to be promptly fired and/or be demoted to “fact checker”.

    That would be cute. Fact checker. Because you would still get it wrong–or wait! Maybe you would learn something! I’m a silver lining kind of girl.

    I have no further comment on the video, Linds, nipples, etc. I’m deeply saddened that My Bloody Valentine is anywhere near her, unless she actually knows who they are, in which case, I have more respect for her than I do you.

    Scout out.

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