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Hands down, biggest. ass. ever. [The Superficial]

So the movie was booed, but it won anyway? In what world does this make sense? [Lainey Gossip]

Was Aaliyah pregnant? [Bossip]

Kim Kardashian suing over her tits. [TMZ]

Julianne Hough has one of the most banging bodies ever. [The Blemish]

Too soon for a Bin Laden movie? [LA Times]

Chelsea Handler thinks the Real Housewives are a-holes. [Huffington Post]

Oh, good, did the Jersey Shore dudes finally get their asses kicked by some tough Italians? [Celebuzz]

And I STILL don’t get this David Beckham thing. [Socialite Life]

Did you see who won Dancing With the Stars – spoiler alert. [INFDaily]

Another actress wishes that Ashton and Demi never hooked up. [The Frisky]

Mildred Baena’s ex-husband thought the kid was his. That’s rough. [Cele|bitchy]

The 10 Greatest Move Threats of All Time. [Pajiba]

Image courtesy of TMZ