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Love It or Leave It: Camilla Belle and Her Lady Tux

A photo of Camilla Belle

Ok, I love Camilla Belle.  Love. Her.  So much. I think she’s so stunning and she was in one of my tip top favorite movies, The Chumscrubber, plus she used to date the hot Jonas Brother, so basically she’s perfect.  And then this outfit happened.

Lady tuxes, really?  I hate a damn lady tux.  Camilla Belle was looking totally gorgeous, as always, and then she has to throw on this gross, silky mess of a tuxedo.  I want to rip this trend off of the entire world and burn it in a barrel in my backyard, along with Katy Perry’s worthless demands and anything that Courtney Love has ever worn.  Who’s with me?

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  • I generally don’t mind the lady tux, but this one has a Colonel Sanders-esque quality that I cannot get behind.

    • the suit truly did not impress me. I thought it was way off the wall and totally off the wall for what they were looking for. lol, if it was something more subtle I think that perhaps I could agree but. the suit is way off base I think. Larry

  • I think if it weren’t shiny, it wouldn’t be so bad. Not good, but a lot less bad.

  • i actually agree with everything you said but lets face it, camilla could be wearing a mumum and look gorgeous

  • I think she looks great. a well fitted suit is timeless, sharp, and challenges the gender binary. I’m down with it and Miss Camilla.

  • I personally think she looked great. And even if she didn’t look good. I believe that a person should wear what pleases them after all its her style and its her money. I believe you just should be you. As long as we are not doing something that hurts or destroy another person then you be you. We live in a society where people are using too much of their time to focus on telling someone else how to dress,eat,walk,talk,how to feel,etc. I don’t need another person opinion or approval to be me. I’m more concerned with ones character as a human being than I am of what ones wearing. So I say to anyone out there make you happy be you.