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Snooki Thinks She’s Like Lady Gaga And Other Silly Notions

This poor girl. Our little Snooki, famous for her drinking problem and her absurdity, thinks she’s akin to Lady Gaga, a woman more powerful than Oprah.  Bless her heart:

“I’m definitely like my own style, like leopard print, like total guidette.  Just like everybody loves Gaga. Why does everybody love Gaga?  Because she’s herself and she’s not trying to be anybody but her. So I think, you know, I’m kinda like Gaga.”

Snooki, honey child, when I go to the bars in the bad part of town, I don’t see ladies in penis shoes and meat clothes. However, I do see tons of girls who have shoved themselves into too-tight dresses and are probably in the process of dying from hairspray fumes. Guess which category you fall under, sister?

Another interesting fact:  Snooki said that if she was asked to work full-time on WWE, she’d say yes.  This girl is such a gift.

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  • Yep. Everyone likes GaGa because she is herself and she is not trying to be anybody but her. And Snooki is like Gaga.
    Logically, this makes no sense.
    If someone is who they are for not being like other people, being like them negates any likeness to them you had. Capice?