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Why Do I Think Oprah’s Farewell Show Looks So Crappy?

Photos from Oprah's Farewell Show

First of all, no, I don’t know how I got so entitled, especially when it comes to Oprah. Secondly, I probably think the farewell show lacks the star-power and bedazzling fun that I expected it to have because I’m terrified about the program ending in the first place and therefore impossible to please.

What did I want? I don’t know, maybe she could have done another Favorite Things or brought back that girl from earlier this season who lived the first seven years of her life in a dog cage. Maybe Nancy, Tom Cruise’s #1 fan could have been on the show with the couch jumper yet again. I dunno. I guess a musical number with Rosie O’Donnell and Dr. Phil just isn’t enough to keep me happy.

Check out the photos in the gallery and let me know what you’re dying to see (or what you think is missing from this whole shebang) in the comments…

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  • I get Halle Berry and Queen Latifa…but why is Katie Holmes there aside from her husband?