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Yo, So Miley Cyrus is Basically Taking Erotic Shots Now

Photo of Miley Cyrus in See-Through Lace [PIC]

These photos of pop star Miley Cyrus showing off her flexibility in a sheer lace jumpsuit surfaced on the Internet today and I wonder what she’s trying to say.

J/K, y’all. I know exactly what she’s trying to say. She’s trying to be all like, “Hey, World! If you think that I’m not going to make the same mistakes as ever other average slut and do so publicly despite the fact that I employ dozens of people who have families they have to provide for and I’ve made my millions off of providing parents with entertainment they can trust for their children, suck on this! Wooo!”

She’s great these days, huh?

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  • Who cares. She’s old enough. It’s part of being that age and growing up. Sexuality is something that you start to embrace instead of being ashamed of. As for little girls looking up to her, most of the ones that did are now on to other role models on other shows or are old enough to be into the same things anyway.

  • I know I should be grossed out by that lacey coverall thing she has going on, but all I can think is wow, it’s cool she can do that.

    Oh and, insert perverted joke about flexibility and sex positions here.