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Q: Which McCord Sister is the Most, Uh, Comical-Looking?

photo of anna lynne mccord and sister angel topless jump in a pool party pictures photos

A: TRICK QUESTION, BITCHES! The answer is ‘both of them!’

AnnaLynne and her lesser-known sister, Angel, were photographed this past weekend out and about in LA and the paparazzi caught them both in less-than-flattering faces. (But don’t take it to heart from me – I’m someone who takes random, unstaged photos looking like I suffered some kind of stroke. Seriously? If you ever take my picture and want it to look OK, don’t surprise me with it. Guaranteed it’ll come out looking like ass.)

Angel McCord, though not as famous as her oh-yeah-so-totally-famous sister, is really trying hard. Sources at Britney Spears’s most recent party claim that Angel wagered nudity to hedge a bet this end, and someone (I’m still trying to figure out who in this case) won:

Annalynne McCord’s equally attractive sister, Angel, upstaged Britney Spears the other night by jumping into a pool in her underwear in front of 170 guests at a Britney-hosted LA dinner for the St. Bernard Project, which helps those still homeless after Hurricane Katrina. Angel offered, “My sister and I grew up in a trailer park — it is important we raise money. And if we get over $15,000, I’ll take off my dress and jump in the pool.” A spy reports, “A guy stood up and said, ‘Done!’ She took off her jewelry, called her friend over to unzip her dress and jumped in” — drawing cheers from Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff and Reggie Bush.

So yup. Imagine that: a McCord doing something embarrassing and inappropriate at a partyful of people who are way, way more famous (for more admirable things) than she. Go figure.

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  • They look so trashy. There is something about Annalyne McCord that makes her look like the trashiest person in the universe, no matter what she is doing.

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