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Haha, Sometimes Butts Are So Funny

photo of michelle rodriguez mooning the camera pictures butt ass photos crack pics

For example, Michelle Rodriguez’s ill-fitting bikini bottom and the way it sags on her butt. I mean, she’s practically MOONING us, and what’s a whole lot funnier than mooning? NOTHING. What’s sexier than a full- or half-moon? LOTS OF THINGS.

Don’t get me wrong – Michelle Rodriguez is as hot as the day is long. She’s got that uber-tough, roundhouse kick you in your face while she’s blowing you look to her and not many women can pull that off. But the ‘suit has to go, Michelle. It just makes me LOL. I’m sure saying that will probably earn me a polished black combat boot up the ass, but hey – maybe that’s what I’m aiming for.

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