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Love It or Leave It: Raven Gets Glitz-y and Glam-y (Or Something)

Can someone please pull Raven-Symoné to the side and speak to her about interpreting a theme to literally? Mahgawd.

This is what the actress wore to a vodka party called, “Glitz and Glam Gala,” over the weekend. Wow, Raven. Way to really work everything they were saying with the name of this event into one outfit, girl. Great job.

Honestly? I think that any one of the things she has going on here would be just fine by itself. The eyes are not my thing, but they’re admittedly kinda cool. The dress looks good on her. It’s a bit much, but again, that may be the hair/eye/cleavage combo that’s making it seem weird.

What do you think about what Miss. Raven has going on in these photos?

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  • I think she looks great! Your issue may be the fact that we aren’t used to seeing this sexy side of her…well, ANY side of her, really.