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Hey, Have You Seen Raven-Symone Lately?

A photo of Raven-Symone

I know Molls posted a video of Raven back in March, but things have changed since then.  Just look at this girl!  I mean, y’all know I’m not trying to hate, but where did she go?!  This picture was taken just a few days ago, and I’m worried that come June, all we will have is a pile of dust in some grungy ass jacket.  And let me just tell you – that is not so Raven.

Another really interesting tidbit – Amy Grindhouse points out that Raven looks like Nicole Richie now, and I can’t unsee that. It’s too accurate, and now my poor hormone-riddled brain* can’t stop imagining Nicole and Paris dumbing up The Cosby Show.  And that’s one fantastical mental image I don’t need.

*Seriously, I had to call Ask-A-Nurse last night because I’ve had to take a mad amount of contraceptives in the past few weeks, long story, but I’d been crying for three straight hours because my puppy bit me and it hurt my feelings, and this anonymous nurse had to tell me that it was ok to feel feelings and that I was probably going to be crazy for a couple months. Get excited!

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  • can we just take a minute to look at the face that chick is giving in the background? sums it up y’all.

  • that’s twice now that someone reminds me of nicole ritchie after they lost a lot of weight – first Star Jones and now Raven. so weird!

  • Simone looks fabulous and that chick in the back is hatinnnggg and No she looks nothing like playing both sides of the fence Nicole.Seems to me like black beauty is only appreciated and celebrated on white people.

    She did not smile big enough in this Shot. I’ve Seen her in other photos and on a brief back stage interview. She looks fine. ANYTIME A PERSON LOSES WEIGHT their Features change. That’s Normal. RAVEN STARTED OUT REAL SMALL & PUT ON A LOT OF WEIGHT.

  • I miss seeing Raven in television!! And that woman on the back is just hating… White chicks always giving that bitchy look -__-