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OMG The Royal Wedding Kiss!

The kiss is just about at the minute mark, and the rest of the clip is basically just a bunch of royals on the balcony at Westminster Abbey waving and egging the crowd on while watching the Queen look like she wants to kick some little boy ass.

ALSO. Wouldn’t it be totally awesome if Prince Harry decided to go and hook up with Pippa Middleton? I mean, both of these siblings, Harry AND Pippa, look like total hell-raisers, and I think they’d nicely balance the somber and reserved Prince William and now-Princess Kate quite well, don’t you?

I’m pulling for it, you guys. Let’s make it happen.

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  • Ahahahaha, Pippa and Harry forevs. She looked gorgeous, William looked increasingly like his father (not so hot), and overall it was adorable.

    (BTW, tiny correction, that’s Buckingham Palace, not Westminster Abbey.)

  • Kate isn’t actually a Princess, that title is only reserved for princesses of birth, officially she is a Duchess and at best Princess William, never Princess Catherine.
    At least, not for now.