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Lindsay’s Going to be on Jay Leno Tonight, Where Will You Be?

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Here’s a small clip of a pre-recorded interview that Lindsay sat through with Jay Leno yesterday afternoon, and just judging by what she said, this is all – still – apparently no big deal to her. It’s like each and every thing that happens to this girl is the fault of others, and though the acknowledges that she’s made a crap-ton of mistakes, she still sort of brushes them off like ‘hell, what can you do.’ I’m not sure if I should admire her for this outlook, or if I should continue shaking my head in disbelief that someone could be so self-centered and ‘whatever’ about every negative event in their life. I get that everyone makes mistakes, but Lindsay’s garbage trail has been entirely too long to completely chalk up to simple ‘mistake.’ There’s an uncaring arrogance about this girl that’s going to ultimately be her downfall, and really, that’s kind of sad.

Will you guys be watching tonight, or are you so over Lindsay that the shitshow isn’t even appealing anymore?

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  • I sure wish I could be on TV while my life is going down in flames. Sadly, I will probably watch… I mean, who can look away from a train wreck?