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This is Kobe’s Half-hearted Apology for Using the Word ‘F*ggot’

This? Is Kobe Bryant’s idea of an apology. OK, well not really Kobe‘s idea, probably, but the enforced idea that will allow him to remain a good old basketball player in the eyes of the world, and not a homophobic, accused-rapist twat who can barely string two words together that aren’t filled with hate for people who don’t have the same pushy, unrelenting sexual orientation as he does.

Anyway, this is his video. I think it says a lot about a person, what they call people or how they talk to others when they’re angry or disappointed, and from here on out, I’m just flat-out not a Kobe fan, half-assed apology or not.

I know that I probably sound crazy over this whole thing, but the word ‘faggot’ is just as offensive to me as ‘retarded’ is to some of you. Different strokes for different folks, guys, and isn’t that what it’s all about at the end of the day anyway?

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  • What an insincere douche. It’s really indicative to someone’s true nature what they say when they’re emotions are running high. He meant what he said. Makes me want to punch him right in the nuts.

  • Why would anyone believe that just because he’s stayed out of trouble since his “incident” (cough “rape”) at a hotel was made public that he’s anything other than a wealthy criminal? He has an idiotic wife who had her silence bought for a $6,000,000 piece of jewelry and continues to have society view him positively because most people have short memories or refuse to realize he’s a scumbag.

  • Anybody ever notice the people who do these “It will get better” campaigns are mostly rich and famous? I guess for them, quoting John Lennon, “It can’t get no worse”.

  • That video is so stupid… All PC, it’s the only white guy saying the word “ethnicity”… and “We are all in this together”? Isn’t that High School Musical?