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Quotables: Tina Fey Thinks Your Toddler is Probably a Douchebag

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“I think that any person being an a–hole deserves it. Especially toddlers—they’re total d-bags. You gotta let them know.”

Tina Fey to GQ on the Louis C.K. idea that calling children ‘asshole’ is alright. Am I the only one getting a serious LOL out of this one?

Tina Fey never fails to crack me up, seriously. Not that I’d ever, of course, take her tongue-in-cheek advice and call my three-year-old a douchebag (she’d be PISSED for days, you guys), but it’s funny to hear the randomness that sometimes comes from one of the most talented, witty women in America anyway.

The rest of Tina’s interview with GQ is here, and while the rest of her quips are pretty entertaining, I think I’ll be quoting ‘Toddlers are douchebags’ for the rest of the day, how about you?

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