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Quotables: Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Really Sensitive About His Body

A photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I feel terrific about where I am in my life, when I look back at what I’ve accomplished. But I feel shitty when I look at myself in the mirror. I’m not competing, I’m not ripping off my shirt and trying to sell the body. But when I stand in front of the mirror and really look, I wonder: What the fuck happened here? Jesus Christ. What a beating!”

Arnold Schwarzenegger being way too hard on himself.

My first reaction was “bless your heart, Arnold!” My second was “shut the fuck up, you’re probably the most famous bodybuilder ever and you were a governor, you don’t have any reason to beat yourself up, dick.”  My third was “well, jacked up famous dudes can have issues just like everybody else.”  I think I’m settling into that third reaction.  What do you guys think?

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  • Poor Arnie. That’s got to be difficult for someone like him. He had the most amazing physique for so long and worked so hard at it. I know he did roids but you still work like an animal to get to his size. Fucking old age, kick its’ ass Dutch!!!

  • He should be more sensitive about that suit!! Daaamn!!!! I’ve always loved Arnie.. for his bad acting, his ridculous one-liners and, let’s face it, his incredible bod. Unfortunately, we all get older… I still think he’d be a real scream to out and dance on tables with!!